7-8 years

At 7 years old, children’s cognitive skills develop tremendously fast, allowing them to apply new ways of thinking to different events they encounter. Children learn with great enthusiasm through hands-on experiences and appreciate an elder watching their efforts with a realistic and encouraging attitude.

They can now change and rearrange mental images and symbols to form a logical thought. During these next few years they absorb an amazing amount of general information, and frequently remember remarkable details about subjects that interest them. They show great pride in their language skills which develop rapidly as their vocabulary and reading grows with confidence.

Children develop at different rates and in different ways, it’s important to understand, support and encourage each child’s ability individually.

During these years children usually begin to be able to:

  • Develop good thinking skills
  • Draw a picture of a house and include the garden and sky
  • Read to themselves and start to plan ahead
  • Form closer friendships around 8 years old
  • Take a lively interest in subjects
  • Place emphasis on achieving in physical ways
  • Know different tenses and grammar


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