5-6 years

By the age of five, a child’s vocabulary will grow to approximately 1,000 words. Five-year-olds are also able to produce five-to seven-word sentences, learn to use the past tense, and tell familiar stories using pictures as cues. Growth in social skills includes the formation of peer relationships, gender identification, and the development of a sense of right and wrong. Children in this stage are building upon skills gained in early childhood and preparing for the next phase of their cognitive development.

Children develop at different rates and in different ways, it’s important to understand, support and encourage each child’s ability individually.

During these years children usually begin to be able to:

  • Learn rules and are often keen to ‘fit in’
  • Understand about sameness and difference in various aspects of life
  • Be proud of their physical skills but sometimes misjudge what they can do
  • Hold a pencil well and have good control of their hands
  • Show their developing skills in running/jumping/climbing and enjoyment in learning
  • Arrange objects from smallest to largest, shortest to longest, and lightest to heaviest
  • Understand that the quantity of a thing remains the same when arranged differently


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