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Why are we different

  • Sessions are of small groups within an structured environment.
  • Designed to enrich your child’s school curriculum, preparing them for kindergarten, help catching up, to excel in subjects and homework comprehension.
  • We have years of experience educating young children using Cambridge University curriculum programs, with a proven hands-on European style in teaching.
  • We provide Cambridge University Press courses and first class programs that emphasis on helping children become focused, motivated and self-reliant.
  • One to one private lesson available.
  • We offer Cambridge tests, exams & certificates.
  • School pick-up service can be arranged.


  • Creative Arts

    every child can create new goals
    Creative Arts
    Through Cambridge teaching methods, art plays an important role. Art offer children the opportunity to explore shapes, colors and textures by working with paints, fabrics and more. We support and guide your child to learn lifetime skills and techniques, guiding and encouraging them to express their inner creativity. Our aim is to teach your child the importance of expressing their thoughts and understand how art can develop their imaginations. Children develop fine motor and cognitive skills through experimentation.


    • Explore shapes & colors
    • Express through imagination
    • Develop your cognitive skills
  • Body & Balance

    an apple a day keeps the doctor away
    Body & Balance
    Our body & balance software package is an added advantage. We help young children of today have an understanding of how their body works, develops and requires nutritional needs to stay strong and healthy. Body & Balance helps encourage your child to understand what their body needs. We help strengthen children’s co-ordination, development, breathing, stretching, wellness and relaxation techniques. These activities can be an important part of supporting positive behavior, it’s a fun and an exciting way for your child to learn about their inner self.


    • Nutrition
    • Relaxation Techniques
    • Wellness
  • Computer Skills

    the digital revolution for kids
    Computer Skills
    Cambridge University Press software package is specially designed for children aged 3-12 years. Programs are created to strengthen a child’s hand and eye co-ordination. Majority of our programs are based on a need for reading and mathematical requirements, helping your child discover with confidence. Children have the opportunity to go through each stage at their own pace, which allows them to understand and gain knowledge accordingly to their age and ability. What is Core Learning Software? Core Learning software is a co-publisher of digital curriculum products in partnership with Cambridge University Press. Based on today’s needs in education, Core Learning is professionally designed for self-paced independent study with embedded assessments offering each child a personal learning path. Programs offer comprehensive outcomes-oriented educational technology solutions for children from K-12.


    • Cambridge University Press, Core Learning Software
    • Strengthen hand and eye co-ordination
  • Cambridge University Enrichment programs

    Cambridge University Enrichment programs 
    The University of Cambridge is one of the world's oldest universities and leading academic centers. Its reputation for outstanding academic achievement is known world-wide and reflects the intellectual achievement of its students.  Cambridge has helped children achieve success worldwide through 3 dimensional activities, enhancing a child's learning ability by 30%. Worksheets and software focus on: English, Math, Science, Reading and writing skills, building confidence & school grades We strive to instill in children the desire to achieve and the motivation to learn through carefully designed programs. Whether you're seeking enrichment, further education, or just beginning your academic career.  

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